A Useful Guide to Starting Out as a Wedding Photographer Derbyshire

wedding photographer DerbyshireEver thought about becoming a wedding photographer Derbyshire? It’s certainly a hot topic right now, since there’s so many people rushing to buy a camera and get to their cousin’s best friend’s wedding to start out their new careers. But lots of people are left wondering, how do I even become a proper wedding photographer?

We’ve come to the rescue, compiling a useful guide for you to start out your new passion:

Find a good name (and style)

You might not think figuring out the name is important as you first start, but you’d be mistaken. Sitting down and thinking about what you want to do and how you’re going to differentiate yourself from other wedding photographers is very important. Among the hundreds of wedding photographers that may be in your city, why would a couple hire you? As a wedding photographer, what’s so special about you? The best way to convince potential clients to book you is with to dazzle them with your unique style.

A camera

Logically, you’re going to need a camera. We have a personal opinion that perhaps not many share: the camera doesn’t need to be especially expensive or professional. If you can afford one, go for it, but if not, any medium-advanced camera should do the job.

Build your website

Business cards are from the past. Creating them is just expensive and we’ve seen them become less and less practical over the past few years. On the other hand, a website is a great (some might say the best!) way to present your portfolio to hundreds of possible clients, who surely have heard of so many other photographers, but might be interested in your particular style.

Create a marketing strategy

To succeed as a wedding photographer Derbyshire, you don’t really need to get a master’s degree in marketing, but it helps to keep in mind what your strategy is to make yourself known. There are thousands of ways to get publicity completely free or at a very affordable price. A great beginning is building your website as said above, being active on popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and, Instagram, and particularly on social networks focused on female audience and future brides, like Pinterest.

Develop negotiating skills

Once you have a portfolio, you just have to get some clients. It is normal that at first people think twice about hiring a “rookie photographer”, so good negotiation skills (and a good portfolio as discussed above) will come in handy. Being good at talking and describing how you are going immortalize her wedding can help convince the indecisive bride that you are the right one. On the other hand, being kind and friendly is something that will always help you getting contacts and dealing with customers.

And finally, searching in your area for other fellow photographers can be great for you to network and build strong work relationships. People who have experience in the field and know all about wedding photography can be extremely helpful, because you might find some clients through contacts you have in the industry.

If you are in the area and want to see what a great wedding photographer Derbyshire does, one of the best options to go for is https://www.aaronrussellphotography.co.uk.

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Must Know for Expert Event Photography

Event photoevent photography graphy is a fun but hectic aspect of photography. Only photographers who have a natural love for photography find it very easy. They are some technical difficulties that might spring up during capturing events like weddings or concerts. Here are some must-knows in other to make an expert event photographer

  • The type of event and the photography gear needed.

Different events need different types of equipment to produce perfect shots. For example, an event done outdoor will need a different list of equipment compared to an event done indoor. More lightening equipment will be needed for an indoor event compared to an outdoor. This is of great importance to make a good photographer.

  • The Body of the Camera

Some cameras are built to work under difficult lightening situations. They possess more sensitive sensors and less noise at higher ISO level quality. Generally, camera’s with greater megapixel counts capture details better. Although there’s the problem of needing higher storage size. So it is advisable to carry multiple Large SD or compact flash card. The weight of the camera is also important because you will be carrying it for hours. For outdoor events you will need a fast camera, here you should pay attention to the frames per second.

  • Lenses

The quality of your images in event photography is greatly affected by the lens you use. The lens manages the amount of light coming in. And so for an indoor event or in low light, I will advise you use a lens of max f/stop of 2.8. Something lower might even produce better quality. The wider the aperture, the greater the light that enters the camera and the shallower the depth of field. The depth of field affects the focus. A shallower depth of field will bring all attention to the subject blending the rest into a bokeh which is most times simple and pleasing to the eyes. Luxury glasses, prime and ART are more advanced lenses which produce sharper and clearer images at a greater speed. It is also important to consider shooting distance when picking out a lens.

  • Lightening equipment

For an event space that has little or no light, your portable lightening equipment is most important. You can opt for a flash or continuous light. Although flash is a more popular choice, as it is easy to use. Continuous light is a little easier to use but might create a nuisance in the course of the event.

  • Extra batteries & extra cards.

You will hate for your battery to run down on you during the event. So it best advised as an expert to always carry extra batteries and also an extra card for storage just in case your memory gets filled. Deleting pictures to create space doesn’t show professionalism in a good event photographer.

  • Getting the best camera settings for event photography

Switching to the burst mode setting is recommended for when you have guest moving around quickly. There’s also the continuous focus also known as Al servo on some cameras, which let you lock on a subject and follow it as it moves. Camera setting affects your style and productivity.

In order to flourish in the event photograph, it is important you can handle your clients’ expectation and needs. As this always increases your recommendation and keeps your clients happy. A good site to source expert event photography is www.smartpicsukeventphotography.com.

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Importance of Hiring Two Wedding Photographers Surrey

wedding photographers surreyAs soon as we understand the importance of family, most of us start to look forward to the day we will get married. The wedding day is a major event that easily divides our life into 2 stages: the period before we got married and the period after the wedding.

Just like we look forward to that day before we get married, we also tend to reflect back to that special day frequently. We often have an edge with reflecting back, through memories captured in our minds and more vividly on camera by wedding photographers Surrey.

Several couples often make the mistake of hiring just one photographer to their event. In most cases, this is mostly due to ignorance as opposed to budget. Hence this article attempts to inform on why it is preferable to employ the services of more than one photographer to be involved in capturing your event.

  1. Disappointment

Photographers are human and a number of events could occur that could lead to an embarrassing disappointment. A photographer could suddenly fall ill on the day that he is to show up for your event and that could mean the absence of a professional photographer for your event if you had booked the services of a single photographer.

This is however, not the worst case of disappointment as you might still be lucky to get a free photographer at the last minute to cover your wedding. You would however not wish to have a type of disappointment where the photographer loses his camera to theft or mistakenly erases your photographs before he could print them or create a backup. It would be almost impossible for two photographers to lose your wedding pictures compared to one.

  1. Different angles

During your wedding, you will want every exciting event captured, even those happening simultaneously. There are instances during your wedding where 2 wedding photographers Surrey can capture 2 important activities happening at once.

An example is the toast by the couple and the reaction of the audience of the toast. One wedding photographer will not be able to capture the two events, happening at the same time but at different parts of the hall.

  1. Missing an important moment

Have you ever looked forward to see an awesome activity you noticed during your wedding in pictures, but it was not captured? A single photographer can easily miss a special moment but two photographers would hardly.

Most professional photographers know the parts of a wedding they must cover. However, they could be distracted by a guest or they could just before that moment have a presing urge to heed the call of nature. The presence of two photographers will ensure there is no void when one of the photographers gets distracted.


For the reasons listed above and many more, it is important to always book the services of two wedding photographers Surrey for your wedding. To save time, money and stress, you could arrange with a particular photography firm such as Captive Photography to make two wedding photographers available for your event. Thus, you won’t need to deal with two different photography firms for the same service.

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Reasons Why You Need At Least 2 Adelaide Wedding Photographers for Your Special Day

Adelaide wedding photographersThe importance of having a great photographer on your special day can’t be stressed any further. After the ceremony you want to be able to cherish your wedding moments forever, that feeling when you know you made the right choice. One of the biggest questions asked is, when do you need two Adelaide wedding photographers? Do you need two photographers or one will do the job just fine?

It’ a real hassle to be in two places at one time, especially for a photographer, No matter your level of experience and the different technique that you use. It is almost impossible to capture it all at once.

Even professional photographers will tell you that; factors like traffic, and different venues make it really difficult for them to capture the best moments. Imagine, a bride is at home preparing and a groom is also at his house preparing himself. Of course, you might want those moments captured but not by a single photographer, otherwise your wedding day will be a disaster!

These types of problems can just disappear with two Adelaide wedding photographers. Two professionals who can easily split up and overcome factors like traffic problems and preparation photos. They can take care of this way too fast and too smoothly compared to a single photographer. You don’t have to choose which moments to capture in your special day. Every single moment is crucial.

Let us look at reasons why you need at least 2 wedding photographer during your special day

  • You need to capture both sides of the story

Once again, it’s about two people, not only one. It will be amazing to see how two people come together and prepare their selves on their wedding day. They both deserve to be part of the story.

  • Those shots that are too far to reach

In some cases, there are photos that you expect your photographer to get but it can end up being a nightmare for the photographer. Moments like; The first kiss It’s a moment that usually over in a flash, and one step in wrong direction from your photographer, that moment can be gone just like that. No stress, because two photographers equal two angles. That moment is guaranteed.

  • Keeping it simple

We always get great range of emotional photos during speeches. Always plenty of laughing, cringing, crying, and some love. What you don’t want is a photographer wandering around in the middle of the hall blocking the guests’ views and become a distraction. With two wedding photographers, they’ll divide the room up and be more discrete to capture real emotion.

  • Things that will happen without your knowledge

You might be chatting with your best man or parents; those small moments always create gorgeous photos that you will treasure forever. You might also like to capture your dad and your uncle having a good time playing twister out the back. Great, right? But you will never know what happened during your wedding day until you see the photos.

  • Dependability

You don’t want to miss some photos of everyone on the vintage bus you hired just because your photographer was driving between two places. To make sure that this does not happen visit Adelaide wedding photographers https://panacheweddings.com.au/ to let us HELP you make your special day memorable forever.

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Hiring an Event Photographer for Your Graduation Party

event photographerEvent photography is the art of capturing guests and any occurrence on the event day and event photographers are hired for such purposes. As we all know that the party does not start without the event photographer, whether it’s a regular party, funeral, wedding, night club parties and graduation parties.

Going through high school or college is a really wonderful thing. Capturing moments on your graduation ceremony is great. You can always go back in time just by looking at the images and portraits of your graduation day and it would feel like you’re in the moment again. You could easily remember everything that happened on that day as though it was happening all over again.

Why should you hire an event photographer for your graduation party?

Well we all know the emotions and happiness floating everywhere on graduation day. The anxiety, the joy, the smiles and hey! That priceless smile on the faces of your parents, you could sure hear their thoughts aloud on that day “she’s growing up so fast”. Anyway here are other reasons why you need to hire an event photographer on your graduation day party

  1. To capture every moment: Yes you need an event photographer to capture every moment on your graduation party day. There would lots of fun, dancing, lots of food and drink. Everybody will be in their best of moods that day to celebrate with you. Your friends, grandparents, parents, neighbours etc. a lot of emotions take place on that day. How would you keep these memories intact without images? It also keeps notable landmarks of your favourite spots in school.
  2. To show accomplishment: Having photos of your graduation ceremony only shows that you have finished a particular stage in your life and ready to start the next milestone in your life. It’s always a joy to always look back at your graduation photos to see how far you have gone with life. The joy and pride you bring to your parents and loved ones

There could be a thousand and one reasons why you should hire an event photographer but apart from those reasons, there are certain things you should also consider before hiring an event photographer. They are:


Every event photographer has his/her price. All you have to do is check your budget, what are you willing or able to spend? Make a list of all the photographers you know or can find, make a research on their pricing range, see if it falls within your budget. If it does, then you are good to go.


Before hiring a photographer, you need to be sure if he is skilled in event photography. Expertise is one major thing you need to look out for, if possible have a chat with the photographer concerning his experience and expertise. If it meets your expectation, then it’s a done deal for you.


Recommendations go a very long way in helping to choose the right photographer to cover your event. If a particular event photographer is being recommended by different people then there’s a high possibility that he’s good at what he does.

Style of Photography

Another important thing you should consider. Are you satisfied with his style of photography? If you feel you are satisfied, then he may be just the right photographer. Go ahead and book him.

If you are planning on having an event soon and you want a professional event photographer to capture sweet memories in the best natural form ever, I would suggest you look out www.smartpicsukeventphotography.com

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Leeds Wedding Photographer: Why You Need 2 Wedding Photographers on Your Big Day

Leeds wedding photographerDoes a wedding day come around every year? The answer is no! Unlike birthdays and anniversaries that are celebrated at least once a year, weddings happen once for most people. The day which the wedding occurs might eventually be celebrated as an anniversary but the usual pomp, attire, and decorations associated with the day are pushed aside.

Therefore, when the D-day arrives, having a Leeds wedding photographer cover the events and activities of the day becomes pertinent. The memories tied with weddings are not ones you get to envision in your normal day to day activities. The only avenue you get to replay these wedding memories are through wedding pictures.

This is why we advise most couples to exercise caution when hiring the individual that is going to ensure they have pictures to remember their day by. Not every wedding photographer can guarantee you stunning images of your day and rushing to hire just anyone might be something you end up regretting. The only thing that can guarantee stunning images is when you hire the right Leeds wedding photographer such as Kirsty Mattson.

A wedding photographer well acquainted with weddings is one that sees every activity, movement, motion, smile etc., as an opportunity to fill up the wedding album. Every moment counts so his or her camera is always out to capture it on tape. The eventual album you get is a comprehensive tale of the beginning and end of your wedding. So, even though you have guests that failed to arrive for the wedding or you were too busy enjoying your special day, these albums can easily tell the story and fill in the gaps of what you missed.

Another thing you ought to consider before you conclude the hiring decision is whether or not one wedding photographer is enough to cover your wedding. This question is really important especially when you take into consideration the number of guests that are likely to show up at a wedding. If you have a guest list of over 200 people, then one person is not enough to handle it. You either ask the chosen photographer if he has a second shooter or backup, or you see to hiring extra photography services.

Like the saying goes, “two heads are better than one”. So, with more than one photographer, you get the following benefits:

  • Through the combined efforts of the photographers, you get twice the number of pictures.
  • Different angles, different settings, different outtakes. These are three things you can expect when two photographers are made use of. You get a contrast of shots even if they are for the same moment or scene.
  • You have the option of using more than one style for your wedding album. There are different styles for wedding photography. From documentary, reportage to fine art wedding photography. To have different unique albums you can opt for the photographers to shoot using differing styles.
  • Finally, with two shooters, there is a greater opportunity for wide coverage of the events of the wedding. If you hire more than one photographer, the chances of a moment going uncaptured during the wedding is greatly reduced.

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Wedding Photographers Kent: Why You Need Them

wedding photographers KentAs your wedding date gets closer, you start deciding on the date and location of the wedding. Then you look for vendors to help you fill in on your special day. Among so many things you need to take care of, let us tell you why you need to hire wedding photographers Kent, even though they only take pictures and cost thousands of dollars to hire.

Because they are skilled

Taking pictures back in the 1950s are different from today. You didn’t have much of a choice on how you could take pictures then, but today, there are so many things you can do. Every wedding photographer has their own style and even technique to ensure the pictures quality are sharp and clear. From switching lenses to editing those pictures; an amateur won’t even pass understanding parts of the camera!

If you look forward to just letting your nephew take the pictures, we really urge you to get a professional as well. He can still take your pictures, but this is a special day that won’t come by again.

Because they are responsible

Those wedding photographers that you hired won’t just take the pictures and send them to you. Hiring them means that they agree to take your pictures, edit them, provide consultations, etc. according to what’s stated in the contract. They will fulfill all that unless they want to return the payment you have sent them.

A professional photographer knows what he’s supposed to do without having you to tell him about it. They know where to go and will plan themselves how they should be positioned when dad walks the bride, for example. They will even brief you about it and helps you stay calm as well as assuring you that your pictures will look perfect.

Wedding photographers Kent like https://www.pennyyoungphotography.com/ are what you need. They know they are doing and always bring impeccable results.

They give advice

A professional wedding photographer is capable of giving you advice and ideas about your wedding. For example, they know a number of wedding organizers as well as may be affiliated with some of them. They may be featured in wedding venues and know about that place very well. They might have worked on weddings with a similar theme and size to yours.

They can even predict on, for example, how long group pictures can take and what you can do to maximize your time. It’s not just about the time you paid your photographer, but you might have to miss several things if you don’t plan and anticipate these things. If your wedding is big, they will recommend you to get more photographers for the day.

Because you won’t regret it

We haven’t met a couple who regretted the choice of hiring the right wedding photographer for their event. If you really bid your time to find, consult and consider the best from so many wedding photographers Kent you met, you won’t regret it at all. On the other hand, we’ve seen many who wished they had got a professional instead of relying on a family member to take the pictures.

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Why You Should Get a Female Wedding Photographer

female wedding photographerYour wedding is the fulfillment of your dreams to be married to the person who makes you swoon with so much love. It is a day where two families became united as one, where friends from both sides come together to celebrate your happiness. You need to hire a female wedding photographer who has the skill to capture your love in photographs, who is supremely talented and can create gorgeous and captivating images.

Why choose a female photographer for your wedding

The expertise in wedding photography has nothing to do with the gender of the photographer, but to have a woman photographing your wedding has many advantages and perks.

Easy access to the bride’s room

The hours prior to the wedding are a crucial moment to capture, and it is where heavy emotions take place. The growing anticipation of the bride and groom can be clearly seen on the teary eyes and happy faces. When you have the luck to hire a female wedding photographer, she can easily access the bride’s room without worrying about privacy issues that male photographers usually encounter during pre-wedding photography.

Emotionally connects with the bride

A wedding photographer who happens to be a female has a very strong affinity for the sensitivity of emotions of the bride. Females are in tune with what the brides are feeling, and that kinship will make a huge difference in your wedding photos. A female wedding photographer understands what the bride, and the women in the family and crowd are feeling in weddings, and with her undeniable talent and beautiful approach in photography, she can capture photographs that tell a story of a profound love and devotion.

Gorgeous dress

With all the pre-wedding plans and photo shoots you had with your wedding photographer, she was able to build unconditional rapport with you and your ultimate love. She is no longer just a wedding photographer, but a friend. On your wedding day, you can be assured that she will wear a gorgeous dress fitting for the occasion, and can easily blend in with the crowd. She can natural and posed photos of you and your guests, and will look great doing it. After all, she is representing you.

Best decision to choose a female photographer

Your wedding is going to be exceedingly emotional event, and to have a female wedding photographer who understands emotions well, she can turn your photographs into a masterpiece, where the emotions are evidently conveyed in the photos. Females typically know through instinct the moments that are most precious for the bride, and your professional wedding photographer can capture the essence of your heart with the click of her camera. JoanneB Photography happens to be a female photographer who has the passion for exquisitely beautiful wedding photography. With the use of the latest high quality photography camera, lenses and lighting, she can expertly get close to you and capture the emotions that you understatedly described as love, and show them to the world in photographs that can express the depth and limitless reach of your love for each other in a set of stilled photographs that you will forever treasure together with your family.

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The Art of Baby Photography

Babies are simply adorable.

baby photographyAs parents, you have all the best wishes in your hearts for your baby to have all the best things that the world can offer. You have high hopes and dreams, and if you can just shelter your baby from the harshness of the world for all eternity, you will.

With such a small and fragile body, your baby occupies the whole part of your hearts, and you have that need to preserve the innocence of your child. With baby photography, you can capture that phase in your baby’s life where no worry touches the angelic face yet. You can immortalize that baby moment where you find it hard to breathe just looking at your baby, for your heart is filled with so much love and happiness.

Baby photographer

Baby photography is essential for every baby, since it stops time and though your baby’s overall feature will always be imprinted in your mind for all time, it is best to have a timeless photograph of that happy time to display in your lovely home. There are many photographers who capture beautiful photographs, but it is crucial to find a photographer who can put your baby at ease.

To seize that one single precious moment where your baby’s personality emerges takes expertise and professionalism to detect. You need to have a photographer who is not only skilled in taking photos, but also has the complete understanding of babies. Someone who has the heart of gold who can communicate with babies in ways that others cannot.

To have a high-quality photograph that conveys the essence of your baby, you need a photographer who is filled with compassion. The little ones do not understand how photography works, they do not have the mind yet to understand how to pose, and how to act in a studio. A fine art baby photographer who can capture the magical beauty of your baby with a natural eye is what you need. You need a photographer who is trained how to deal with babies, and who has the reputation of producing the finest, most beautiful baby photography that parents can be proud of. That time when your baby is dependent on you for everything is such a precious part of parenthood that you want to give life to in a portrait that you can treasure forever.

Photography is a work of art, and a baby portrait of your child is a family heirloom that can be passed to generations. It is important to get a professional baby photographer who can capture a moment that will become part of your family’s history. Identified as a baby whisperer, Julia in Julia & Mia Fine Art Baby Photography has a natural eye for beauty. Her studio is a welcoming hub for excited parents and their little angels. She has an easy way of making parents and babies feel comfortable, and she has genuine passion in her heart to create photography. Passion in art is the best combination you can hope for when looking for stunning results.

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Wedding Tips: How to Choose the Right Photographer

wedding photographer IrelandDon’t even talk about it; the bad photographer can really ruin your wedding memories with those pictures! It’s such a vital decision to make. You have to find a professional wedding photographer Ireland and not just that. He has to be someone whose style you like and will capture the wedding in the way that you see it best.

We’d like to start by advising all of you to start with preparing for yourself. How do you know which photographer is within your league and which one you should cross out to save your time searching? You need to settle first with your date, venue, and budget. These are three things that your photographer will want to know through email or phone call before meeting up.

The date will eliminate photographers who are not available on that day anymore. If you still haven’t decided, give the photographer a range of date that you will choose from.

The venue will also help the photographer think if he will be able to shoot and make it there. If the venue is more than 50-100 miles far, the photographer will want you to be informed if you will be charged extra. He will also tell you if he’s available to shoot there at the assigned date.

During the meeting, you can also mention that within your budget, what can the photographer offer you. Do not hesitate to ask everything you want to know because you are making a very important decision here. Remember to be detailed about the photographer’s qualifications, such as what he’s done before this job and his experience in photography.

A wedding photographer Ireland with years of experience would be someone like the photographer from www.olgahoganphotography.com. If you look at the pictures and the biography of this person, you know that at least he’s capable of capturing pictures that won’t disappoint you!

Lastly, would be the quality of portfolios. No doubt, the photographer will show you his only best works online. What really matters is the real style and results of the photographer – you want to see everything, such as a complete album, not just one or two best pictures out of it. The overall result will help you see more realistically of what to expect from the photographer.

Plan ahead

The secret to this all is to plan ahead of time in your search for a wedding photographer. If you push the task until there’s not much time left, you won’t have that many options available and would have to settle with just any of them. On the other hand, as soon as you have a clear date and time, you can begin looking for a wedding photographer for you.

Many photographers are booked early, so the earlier you are, the more chances you have. With this much time left, you are also left with the option to cancel with little to no penalty fee if you must! You will also enjoy the privilege of getting the advice of a professional wedding photographer.

Looking for the right wedding photographer Ireland? We’ve just helped you increase the chance of landing the right deal!

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Professional Wedding Photography: What It Means

Melbourne wedding photographyWhen people tell you that you should hire a professional wedding photographer, you probably don’t really know what it means. A lot of photographers use the tag professional on them and it seems that the words have lost its true meaning.

But no so fast, as you can still find yourself a professional Melbourne wedding photography service if you just know where to look.

Look up for their sites

Some of you might have gone through indexes on photographers based on locations. To many people, the position of the photographer can mean extra cost because travel fee is included in the location is beyond 50-75 miles from the photographer’s location. It also means that you don’t get to meet the photographer as often being so far away.

After you have settled on a list of photographers around you, next is to go through their sites. A professional photographer will always update his site because that’s where most people will look. You will be able to see the photographer’s style, portfolios and much other information there.

From the conversation

The next step is to contact the photographer and settle a date to meet. This is the most important part in making your decisions and judging if the photographer is good. During the meeting, you need to ask important questions such as their experience, style, the frequency of working (not too many or few), and if they are the type that works with you as a team.

You can also see if the photographer is the type of person that tries to know what kind of preferences you and your partner have. It will help them think of poses that you will like. If you are not sure where to start and you are looking for a Melbourne wedding photography service, allow us to recommend you visit this site: www.blackavenueproductions.com.au.

Years of toiling and working

As for experience, the more the better, obviously. An experienced photographer has more to tell and knows better in case of different situations. They’ve been through more, usually, so you can rely on them when something unexpected happens. That experience also shapes them into a photographer that is more confident and agile in their work.

Yet, it doesn’t mean that the photographer should take up all wedding offers. A professional photographer does well in selecting his clients and makes sure that the schedule won’t interfere with his concentration when working on others’. This also means he may have to reject others if it means risking his integrity in maintaining work quality.

They teach you things

Another thing that we commonly see is that these photographers like to help and teach their clients. They have been working in this field for a long time and have seen many things. They see how others failed in their decoration, taking pictures and making their special day… special.

All those things will be captured by your photographer and like it or not, you have to keep them, even the most embarrassing ones. So, it is a great news to know that hiring Melbourne wedding photography is also similar to hiring an experienced observer.

So far, we believe that you have got a rough image of what a professional look like. We wish you good luck in your search!

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4 Professional Family Photography Tips

family portrait photographyA happy family picture is the best kind of picture and you might be wondering how do you manage that? A family doesn’t come to you, smile and laugh when you ask them to. It might also be a hassle trying to get those children ready for the session.

So, here we are presenting you with 5 tips you can try on your next family portrait photography.

Engage in more activities

Try taking the family out and do more active things. They can play on the beach, play catch with their pets or simply have a picnic on a nice park. It’s best if your studio can be located in strategic areas like this. You can discuss it before setting out together to the location.

Instead of trying to get them posed for it, let them be themselves when they play or laugh. It shows a more realistic and relatable memory for the family later on. They are not here to take some stiff family pictures that can be done anywhere, anytime. They want a more beautiful moment to be captured.

Help with wardrobe choice

Depending on the type of family you’re looking at, the wardrobe choice can differ. If you’re looking at elder siblings trying to look like a squad, you can suggest darker colors to wear. If you’re looking at a young family with a 4-year-old kid, vibrant colors usually od great. Mix and match between two to three colors.

It’s important that there’s no need for all of them to wear the same color. As long as they are comfortable in it and they match well, it’s good enough. Wear minimum makeup if they’re going for an outdoor activity. Check out the awesome wardrobe choice of family portrait photography by www.alijayphotography.com.

Be a friend

It can feel awkward if all of you got to the beach and you have to tell them how to play in the water. You need to build your relationship with them so that they will feel comfortable to play in front of you. You’re going to watching them from the beginning till the end through your camera and it can get uncomfortable for them.

It’ll also make your directions like telling the kids to look at their moms or for the day to carry her daughter more natural. And, of course, you need to get a great group picture of them together after playing for some time.

Prepare your camera settings

Do not do the configuration right on the spot when the family is posing in front of you. That natural expression won’t stay for long and you only have that brief moment to do it. Set them all before you set out to the place. Readjust only if necessary because you need to stay agile as the family moves around.

Use a zoom lens instead of a prime one as it’s more flexible in an outdoor situation. Prime lenses do better in the studio where you can stand from a fixed range and adjust everything as needed.

There are always more to learn and to do, but these 4 pro tips will always help you in any situation of family portrait photography.

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