Why Proof of Insurance is Important from Your Wedding Photographer Billericay

Insurance is a very important part of the fine print and something that your wedding photographer Billericay must possess. There’s no buts and ifs; insurance is mean to guarantee the protection of you, your photographer, and your guests.

There are a lot of instances where insurance has saved a lot of money and ensure that all damages are paid for. You never know when bad things happen and you should not be putting your wedding on the line for this!

Wedding venues require it

Lately, there are more and more wedding venues that demand the wedding vendors to have public liability insurance. This is because there are possibilities that photographers can knock over their things or accidentally break things. The insurance will help them cover the cost of the things broken and everything can be settled quickly without putting things on hold.

There are also cases where theft happens at the venue of your wedding. When that happens, the venue, you neither do anyone there want to blame for it, but your photographer needs a compensation from somewhere. Having an insurance will ease things out and no one needs to think hard about how to deal with an angry professional (especially when your pictures are at stake!)

You want to be protected

At the same time, you also don’t want to be held liable for the damages done to your guests or the venue! Your photographer having an insurance means anything can be settled through it and that all the fee will be covered by the insurance company.

If your photographer has a professional indemnity insurance, that is a great thing. This is only granted to those who provide high-quality works. You can be assured at one hand that this wedding photographer Billericay, like www.chriswoodmanphotography.co.uk, is a professional guy.

You don’t want your photographer to be unavailable

Things happen. And one of those things is losing your things to thieves or robbers. Frankly, we know that this kind of things doesn’t just happen to everyone, but they can happen to all of us. There’s no telling if your photographer will suddenly lose his whole bag of camera kit to a thief and don’t have the money and time to get them back.

An insurance can help cover the damages and allow your photographer to be immediately ready to take the pictures. You know that it does not worth it to risk it, so your photographer better has this insurance with him.

You want your guests to be protected

You don’t know if one of your precious guests will accidentally break his arm after tripping and falling over your photographer’s equipment. That just calls for suing and covering for their medical fees when needed. The issue can be easily talked about if your photographer has the necessary insurance that will cover all the damages and medical fees.

These are just some benefits and safety measures insurance can do for you. Remember that you ask your photographer to show you the proof of insurance. This also makes it easy for the venue to accept having your wedding photographer Billericay work there. Making sure that things won’t go wrong won’t hurt.

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