A Useful Guide to Starting Out as a Wedding Photographer Derbyshire

wedding photographer DerbyshireEver thought about becoming a wedding photographer Derbyshire? It’s certainly a hot topic right now, since there’s so many people rushing to buy a camera and get to their cousin’s best friend’s wedding to start out their new careers. But lots of people are left wondering, how do I even become a proper wedding photographer?

We’ve come to the rescue, compiling a useful guide for you to start out your new passion:

Find a good name (and style)

You might not think figuring out the name is important as you first start, but you’d be mistaken. Sitting down and thinking about what you want to do and how you’re going to differentiate yourself from other wedding photographers is very important. Among the hundreds of wedding photographers that may be in your city, why would a couple hire you? As a wedding photographer, what’s so special about you? The best way to convince potential clients to book you is with to dazzle them with your unique style.

A camera

Logically, you’re going to need a camera. We have a personal opinion that perhaps not many share: the camera doesn’t need to be especially expensive or professional. If you can afford one, go for it, but if not, any medium-advanced camera should do the job.

Build your website

Business cards are from the past. Creating them is just expensive and we’ve seen them become less and less practical over the past few years. On the other hand, a website is a great (some might say the best!) way to present your portfolio to hundreds of possible clients, who surely have heard of so many other photographers, but might be interested in your particular style.

Create a marketing strategy

To succeed as a wedding photographer Derbyshire, you don’t really need to get a master’s degree in marketing, but it helps to keep in mind what your strategy is to make yourself known. There are thousands of ways to get publicity completely free or at a very affordable price. A great beginning is building your website as said above, being active on popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and, Instagram, and particularly on social networks focused on female audience and future brides, like Pinterest.

Develop negotiating skills

Once you have a portfolio, you just have to get some clients. It is normal that at first people think twice about hiring a “rookie photographer”, so good negotiation skills (and a good portfolio as discussed above) will come in handy. Being good at talking and describing how you are going immortalize her wedding can help convince the indecisive bride that you are the right one. On the other hand, being kind and friendly is something that will always help you getting contacts and dealing with customers.

And finally, searching in your area for other fellow photographers can be great for you to network and build strong work relationships. People who have experience in the field and know all about wedding photography can be extremely helpful, because you might find some clients through contacts you have in the industry.

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