Importance of Hiring Two Wedding Photographers Surrey

wedding photographers surreyAs soon as we understand the importance of family, most of us start to look forward to the day we will get married. The wedding day is a major event that easily divides our life into 2 stages: the period before we got married and the period after the wedding.

Just like we look forward to that day before we get married, we also tend to reflect back to that special day frequently. We often have an edge with reflecting back, through memories captured in our minds and more vividly on camera by wedding photographers Surrey.

Several couples often make the mistake of hiring just one photographer to their event. In most cases, this is mostly due to ignorance as opposed to budget. Hence this article attempts to inform on why it is preferable to employ the services of more than one photographer to be involved in capturing your event.

  1. Disappointment

Photographers are human and a number of events could occur that could lead to an embarrassing disappointment. A photographer could suddenly fall ill on the day that he is to show up for your event and that could mean the absence of a professional photographer for your event if you had booked the services of a single photographer.

This is however, not the worst case of disappointment as you might still be lucky to get a free photographer at the last minute to cover your wedding. You would however not wish to have a type of disappointment where the photographer loses his camera to theft or mistakenly erases your photographs before he could print them or create a backup. It would be almost impossible for two photographers to lose your wedding pictures compared to one.

  1. Different angles

During your wedding, you will want every exciting event captured, even those happening simultaneously. There are instances during your wedding where 2 wedding photographers Surrey can capture 2 important activities happening at once.

An example is the toast by the couple and the reaction of the audience of the toast. One wedding photographer will not be able to capture the two events, happening at the same time but at different parts of the hall.

  1. Missing an important moment

Have you ever looked forward to see an awesome activity you noticed during your wedding in pictures, but it was not captured? A single photographer can easily miss a special moment but two photographers would hardly.

Most professional photographers know the parts of a wedding they must cover. However, they could be distracted by a guest or they could just before that moment have a presing urge to heed the call of nature. The presence of two photographers will ensure there is no void when one of the photographers gets distracted.


For the reasons listed above and many more, it is important to always book the services of two wedding photographers Surrey for your wedding. To save time, money and stress, you could arrange with a particular photography firm such as Captive Photography to make two wedding photographers available for your event. Thus, you won’t need to deal with two different photography firms for the same service.

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