Hiring an Event Photographer for Your Graduation Party

event photographerEvent photography is the art of capturing guests and any occurrence on the event day and event photographers are hired for such purposes. As we all know that the party does not start without the event photographer, whether it’s a regular party, funeral, wedding, night club parties and graduation parties.

Going through high school or college is a really wonderful thing. Capturing moments on your graduation ceremony is great. You can always go back in time just by looking at the images and portraits of your graduation day and it would feel like you’re in the moment again. You could easily remember everything that happened on that day as though it was happening all over again.

Why should you hire an event photographer for your graduation party?

Well we all know the emotions and happiness floating everywhere on graduation day. The anxiety, the joy, the smiles and hey! That priceless smile on the faces of your parents, you could sure hear their thoughts aloud on that day “she’s growing up so fast”. Anyway here are other reasons why you need to hire an event photographer on your graduation day party

  1. To capture every moment: Yes you need an event photographer to capture every moment on your graduation party day. There would lots of fun, dancing, lots of food and drink. Everybody will be in their best of moods that day to celebrate with you. Your friends, grandparents, parents, neighbours etc. a lot of emotions take place on that day. How would you keep these memories intact without images? It also keeps notable landmarks of your favourite spots in school.
  2. To show accomplishment: Having photos of your graduation ceremony only shows that you have finished a particular stage in your life and ready to start the next milestone in your life. It’s always a joy to always look back at your graduation photos to see how far you have gone with life. The joy and pride you bring to your parents and loved ones

There could be a thousand and one reasons why you should hire an event photographer but apart from those reasons, there are certain things you should also consider before hiring an event photographer. They are:


Every event photographer has his/her price. All you have to do is check your budget, what are you willing or able to spend? Make a list of all the photographers you know or can find, make a research on their pricing range, see if it falls within your budget. If it does, then you are good to go.


Before hiring a photographer, you need to be sure if he is skilled in event photography. Expertise is one major thing you need to look out for, if possible have a chat with the photographer concerning his experience and expertise. If it meets your expectation, then it’s a done deal for you.


Recommendations go a very long way in helping to choose the right photographer to cover your event. If a particular event photographer is being recommended by different people then there’s a high possibility that he’s good at what he does.

Style of Photography

Another important thing you should consider. Are you satisfied with his style of photography? If you feel you are satisfied, then he may be just the right photographer. Go ahead and book him.

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Useful Tips In Event Photography

event photography tipsIf you would like to get into event photography at some point, then what you can be quite rest assured of is the fact that it can turn out to be a really rewarding and lucrative career for as long as you are able to play your cards right when it all comes down to it. You need to make sure that you are more or less able to really dress well and present yourself well. You have to remember the fact that you are basically representing your clients so you need to look fairly decent as the main event photography expert for that particular event. You don’t have to go overboard with the dressing up but you do need to make it a point to at least blend in with the dress code that is being required from that event. This is aimed to make sure that you don’t stand out from the rest of the crowd too much so that you will be able to take your pictures with minimal distractions.

Take note of the pre-event shots as much as possible.

Most of the event organizers out there took months of preparation and planning in order to come up with the perfect layout and design for the event. Don’t let it go to waste by not documenting it in the pictures that you are taking for the event photography album that you are trying to bring together for your clients. You need to be there early so that you can have the place all to yourself without guests coming in just yet. You need to have a good look and take great pictures of the place before people start arriving. The place will look so much different with the presence of guests and that is why you need to seize the opportunity while you still have it at some point or so.

Be careful when it comes to the aspect of overshooting.

Shooting too many pictures for the event photography shoot will basically have you end up being confused and having too many things to deal with when it all comes down to it. Shooting a lot of pictures does not necessarily mean that you are efficient as an event photographer. Keep it at a general rule of thumb of around three clicks or so per scene and nothing more than that or else you will end up overshooting things already and it will not work out well for you once you get to the post shoot editing process of your event photography shoot. The aspect of overshooting will more or less delay things for you when it all comes down to it and you should veer away from it as much as possible. Keep it simple and in line as much as possible so that you don’t have anything to worry about once you need to go ahead and put in the final touches for the photos that you are able to produce during the event photography shoot.

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