How to learn to become a wedding photographer

Choose a mentor

photography coursesIf you would like to aspire to become a professional wedding photographer, you should get a mentor, preferably another wedding photographer who you respect and whose photography style and techniques you appreciate and actually admire. It is already tough enough as it is, navigating the industry as a new wedding photographer. It will be even way tougher if you don’t have someone to guide you and help you somewhere along the way. Although it may be true that you need to make mistakes so that you can more or less learn things on your own, it doesn’t always have to be that way. If you have a more experienced wedding photographer to help you out and to help you avoid making wrong decisions that can turn out to be major setbacks in your career as a pro wedding photographer, then it would be even better. It will turn out to much better than you might have actually initially anticipated.

Try to meet up with your wedding photographer mentor as frequently as you can so that you will be able to keep him updated about the kind of progress that you are currently making. Get as much feedback as you possibly can and try to absorb this feedback and learn as much as you can from it. Use the feedback that you get to improve in your career, skills, and in the techniques that you employ as a wedding photographer at the end of the day.

Enroll in a photography course

You should seriously think about enrolling yourself in a photography course, try to go for something that is related to wedding photography if that’s on the table somewhere somehow. It is something that will help give you the kind of edge you need in order for you to get ahead of the competition. Being a wedding photographer is already tough enough as it is. The market is already quite chock full and saturated with wedding photographers who are trying to make a mark in the industry one way or the other and that is something that you will need to be careful with down the road. Formal training is something that will really be able to give you the kind of advantage that you need so that you will be able to go head to head with the rest of the competition as a pro wedding photographer.

This is not a decision that you should make hastily though.

Photography courses can be quite expensive. If you are not serious about investing in yourself just yet, then perhaps you should take a step back and assess yourself and what you would like to get out of it first before you decide to enroll yourself to a photography course. You need to make sure that this is ultimately something that you will be able to really commit to as a wedding photographer. If you think you just don’t have the time, then perhaps you can check out other more convenient options such as online classes and the like.

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Things A Wedding Photographer Should Know Before Enrolling In A Course

Be prepared

photography tipsA lot of people enjoy photography all of the time but when it all comes down to it, only a few actually have the passion for it to really decide that being a wedding photographer is something that they would really like to do with their life. If you would like to be a wedding photographer, then you need to understand the fact that what you are basically getting into is a really hard and very competitive niche and you will need all of the edge that you can possibly get in order for you to get ahead of the competition as much as possible.

One thing that you can do to always get a hand up from the rest of the competition would be for you to consider taking a photography course so that you can get some kind of formal training one way or the other.

Getting these classes would be a really great way for you to upgrade your skills as a wedding photographer and it should be something that you should definitely consider. After all, it is pretty much an investment in yourself and in the career that you have chosen as a wedding photographer.

Skill level

The first thing for you to consider would have to be the kind of skill level that you are currently in. Try to go ahead and Google some photography classes that are found in your area and narrow the search down to classes that have skill levels that will more or less get to match yours at the end of the day. Try to be objective as you possibly can when you are taking a look at these courses and try go for something that will really work well with what you may already know when it all comes down to it. Different photography courses offer varying skill levels and varying styles so you need to really make a decision on what skill level you are in and base your choices off of that. If it is something that could be of any help, it really wouldn’t hurt you at all if you can check out the basic level for the photography course that you are thinking about getting. After all, getting some fundamentals taken care of will ensure that you have a pretty good base that you can build your skills on as you progress in your career as a wedding photographer.


There are a lot of courses out there that specialize in different kinds of themes so that is another thing that you will have to really consider as well when you are thinking about getting yourself enrolled in a photography course one way or the other. If you would like to improve in your career as a wedding photographer, then a wedding themed photography course is probably the best thing for you to take when you are thinking about getting classes. Look out for other classes as well that may have themes that may compliment wedding photography such as a black and white theme, or a garden or nature theme, and so on and so forth.

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