Here’s to What Guarantees that Your Wedding Album Won’t be Disappointing

Cheshire wedding photographerYou’ve spent so many time preparing for your wedding. You spent countless nights packing your bonbons and countless hours trying to get that table decoration right.

What could be more disappointing than having your photographer missing all these beautiful details!

Wedding album, after all, should have all the precious moments and hard work that you’ve poured in. So, what can you do to prevent this?

Check out our for top tips to protect your wedding from disappointing photographers.

Taking your time to choose

Hasty choices will lead to disappointment. Which is why it is important that you set enough time to look for professional photographers that are available for you. So, when should you start searching?

Right after your wedding date has been decided, anytime is a good time to start looking for one. Some wedding photographers are very demanded, so you need to be very early when you want to use their service.

You should also remember that you have to set appointments to meet potential photographers face-to-face. It is a chance to know if your wedding photographer has a personal interest in you and your wedding. Such photographers usually have better focus when they are working, because they have passion as their motivator. These interview sessions will help you to know more about them and make the right decision

Asking them questions

So, what should you ask in an interview for wedding photographers? Your questions should revolve around their experience, their approach, and their portfolios.

Of course, you will be able to look through their galleries through their site. However, it is better if you are able to get hold of more of their works. You’ll be able to pinpoint their style and tone in wedding photography better this way.

On the other hand, they should also be caring enough to ask you questions. It can be about your wedding, your preferences, and important people that you want to be included in the group or formal pictures.

Giving them information

No matter how professional your photographers are, they cannot read minds. Certain things need to be to be explained. For example, if you have particular poses that you really want on your wedding album, you need to tell your photographer about it.

Other things like the number of formal pictures, a special group of people that you must have in your wedding album, and special gifts from family members or close friends that you’ll show-off should also be informed to your wedding photographer as early as possible.

You should also include them in your rehearsal dinner if you’re going to have one. This is because they are people who have seen seeing hundreds of successful and not-so-successful weddings. They might have one or two advice they can add to improve your wedding.

Trusting in them

Trust is earned. And it shall be given if you believe in your photographer’s skills! This will really help your ceremony and party. The best pictures are taken when clients are simply enjoying themselves and comfortable around their photographers.

A wedding photographer Cheshire based that is very recommended here is Maurice Roberts Photography. This studio fulfills all the criteria one could have asked for a wedding photographer Cheshire. The photographer approaches beautiful images without posing or altering the original conditions. Very impressive!

Hopefully, with our recommendations and tips, you can avoid disappointment in your big day’s wedding album!

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Think You Can’t Afford A Professional Wedding Photographer Cheshire? Simple Tips To Make It Happen

wedding photographer CheshireDue to the fact that I only have £_____ (fill in the blank) available for my wedding, I will have to cut costs on certain activities. Therefore, professional wedding photographer Cheshire has to go.

It definitely goes without saying that the best wedding photographers out there can be a little pricey. The average professional can charge up to £1000 that is if you are lucky but this still does not mean the chances of you affording one are zero to none. All you need to do to get the wedding photographer Cheshire is to be creative and cut corners on some aspects of the budget.

These days, most couples find themselves operating on a set budget when planning the wedding. I would like to assume that the wedding day for most of these couples is less about the party and more about the chance to make their relationship official surrounded by loved ones. If this is the case, then follow the below tips:

Examine the guest list

It is safe to assume that the higher the number of people invited to a wedding, the more expensive it gets. This means that more food, more tables, more drinks, more wedding favours etc. have to be gotten. If you are not really a fan of having a big affair, then the guest list is the first thing that ought to be looked at. I suggest making two lists one for loved ones that absolutely must be there and the second for people who really do not have to be there. You can then decide who gets to come for all the activities and who gets invited to only the after party.

Cut corners on things that are not necessities

When it comes to wedding decoration, flowers are the most featured items on the wedding must-have. The good thing is that, you can still afford to cut corners on them as they are not necessarily a necessity. Flowers especially the natural kind can be really expensive especially if you are looking for the ones that aren’t in season. You can either decide to go for the artificial flowers or order flowers from a local greenhouse or get your family and friends to make the centrepieces together. You get to save a lot on it.

Get creative with the music

A wedding reception without music is just the same as holding a wedding with a wedding photographer Cheshire. The good thing about music is you can get really creative about it as it is not really experience and skill specific like photography. You can go for the option of Live bands and DJ’s which won’t even cost up to £500 like the photographer. A lot of people have music streaming devices like Mp3 and iPod so it will also be easy to get a friend be the DJ on that day.

If you feel there are other ways to go about cutting costs then do so as long as you do not compromise the quality of your wedding. Check out for more tips.

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