The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Photography

Request for a long kiss

wedding photographyOne challenge that has always faced wedding photography experts all throughout the wedding photography shoot in most of the weddings that they have covered is basically how short the kiss turns out to be right after the couple has stated their I do’s. This can pose a huge problem because you will need a good amount of time for you to get the best kind of exposure for the photos that you are taking and you can’t really do that well if things are happening too fast all at once. You can easily remedy this problem by just talking to the couple beforehand.

Explain to them why the short kiss can cause such an issue on the wedding photography side of things and what they can basically do to help you out.

Most of the couples will be more than happy to oblige and they will usually take this in stride. However, you need to prepare for some couples who may turn out to be far more reserved and conservative than the rest. They may not be willing to entertain the concept of a long kiss because they feel uncomfortable doing so because of the fact that they have friends and family members attending the wedding. You can request for them to just give a short pause with their lips on each other. Tell them to do five long mental counts just to help you get the shots that you need, and that’s the end of the matter.

You should also seriously consider the aspect of using props during the wedding photography shoot if you would like to bring in a fresh and fun perspective into it. Props are quite cheap to have and if you are industrious enough or if you have the knack for it, you will be able to pretty much make your own with nothing more than just a few basic office supplies. You will be able to come up with really great props even if you don’t buy them from a store. There are a lot of DIY articles and tutorials online that can show you a thing or two about the construction and the composition of props for wedding photography shoots.

Let your creativity run wild and have fun with it.

Like photographer London, go with props that will go well with the kind of theme and vibe that you are trying to pull off for your wedding photography coverage. Props will give people something to work with in the photos that are being taken so it can really take a lot of the edge off especially for those who are not that used with being photographed all of the time. It will give them something to do and something to manhandle at some point or so and it is quite effective in making them a little bit less self conscious.

Check out certain angle shifts and try to play around with them as much as possible.

If you want a wedding photography shoot that is really one for the books, then you need to come up with unique angles as much as possible.

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